Options Strategies

MKJ Creeping Strategy

MKJ Creeping Strategy

A long-term investment strategy on how to track the share prices and catch a stock at its lowest point | MKJ Creeping Strategy

Making money in a stable stock market

Making Money in Stable Stock Market

A market-neutral trading strategy involving simultaneous sale of an in-the-money (ITM) Put option and an ITM Call option; designed to produce a limited maximum net profit when the market stays between the expected range decided by the investor.

making money for risk averse investors

Making Money for Risk Averse Investors

For investors who want to make money in the Options market but are afraid because of the downside associated with it, there is a strategy called the Protective Collar Strategy which can provide protection against short-term losses, allowing the investor to make money when the market goes up.

Strangle Option Strategy

One of the popular strategies amongst avid investors is the Strangle Option Strategy, as it helps in making a good profit while minimizing your risk at the same time. Through this article I’ll be explaining the basics of the strangle strategy and how to apply the same in a real-world scenario.